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New 1ic [Vote] (No voting for yourself!)

Welcome to this special post we are having a NEW 1IC and the 3 people are Zoroark1089 , Branch Guy and Pippylup2 the one who wins this vote well be 1IC Vote vote vote!!!!!!!!!!


Please do NOT vote for yourself if you do you will NOT be NEW 1IC!!!

Good luck!!!

~Finny90615 | Creator


Recruit [Commant]

Hey Guyz,


We are back and I wanna start off witha recruit!!!


GOAL: 2+

Date: Saturday, February 11th

Server: BEANIE


1:00 PM EST

12:00 PM CST

11:00 PM MST

10:00 AM PST

6:00 PM UK

die r not


dIE R NOT!!!!!

Recruiting on BEANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,


Were gonna recruit so hopefully u be there



When: Sunday,29/01/2012

Where:Beanie, all over.

Why: Recruit!!!!!!!!

Times: 12:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

11:00 PM PST

1:00 PM MST

2:00 PM CST

2:00 PM EST

7:00 PM GMT


Come back from the dead

like that!!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^ epic we are not gonna fail this time!!!!!!!! anyway main news: WE ARE BACK

The End Of DN!!! :(

Hey Troops,


This is the very last post on DN because of 70% you people reading it you guys never come to recruits I am normal on my own so I don’t take any pictures shame on you guys any way we are dead so anyway I wanna show you this sad/Hilarious  video Any way Bye 😦 😥


Thanks for Joining (If you did).


R.I.P Clubpenguin Army Dark Ninjas a.k.a DN

Raid parkies Canceled

Hey Guys,


I know I know I calle dit off cuzz what if we lost??? And I think we should be allies with Parkies there in a final what do you think put it in poll below



Do whatever you think!!!